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Geology of the Olympic Peninsula


Geology of the Olympic Peninsula

Peninsula College

Fall Quarter, 2006


Course Syllabus


Instructor:  A. Coke Smith                 

Phone:  (360) 565-0151/565-1593

Class Dates and Time:  Sep 28 – Nov 30, Some Thursdays, 3:30PM to 5:30PM


The geologic processes that created the beautiful Olympic Peninsula are fascinating in their complexity.  While the peninsula is relatively young by geologic standards, the geology found in various locations on the peninsula show a dynamic history of sedimentation, volcanic formations and even a bit of metamorphism to top it all off!  Join naturalist Coke Smith for an amazing journey through time.  Through lectures and field trips, we will explore the various rock types and geologic processes that created and continue to change the Olympic Peninsula.


Course Schedule


Sep 28:  Introductions  

Geology of the Peninsula – basics of plate tectonics

Rock Cycle


Oct 05: Geology of the OP Continued


Oct 12:  Glacial History of the Peninsula

Refugia and Endemics


Oct 28:  Field trip #1!  Today we will get a relatively early start toward the west end.  We will view evidence of the peninsula’s dramatic glacial past as well as many of the more interesting geologic features of our area.  This will be an all day trip departing at 9:00AM and returning mid afternoon or so.


Nov 18:   Field Trip #2!  Today we will venture up to the ridge where we will view cut-aways of the immense Crescent formation and its igneous pillow basalt formations.  We will also be able to see several spots where the core sedimentary rock material is exposed. Start at 10AM and meet behind the classroom.


Nov 30:  Final Field Trip!  Times will be 3:30 to 5:30 but spot is TBA!



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