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Nature photography as always been Coke's passion.  Since he was a young boy traveling around the United States with his folks, snapping shots of covered bridges in New England or old homesteads in northern California, photography has always been been part of who he is.  His interests are primarily wildlife in wild conditions.  Unless clearly stated otherwise, all creatures in this website and our Pbase Galleries are photographed in the wild.  And all images in this website and all others associated with Coke & Som Smith are copyrighted and can only be reprinted with express permission.

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Som is a relative newcomer to the field of nature and wildlife photography.  But, as with all of her interests, she has a natural, almost innate ability to capture wildlife images that would give one the impression she has years of experience and expertise.

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All images on this site and our Pbase galleries are the sole property of Coke & Som Smith.  Ask permission and we will most likely let you use them!