Coke Smith Photography & Travelogue

Our Favorite Shanghai Eats! 

Shanghai is loaded with good restuarants and here are a few of our favs...


Shook at the Bund Shanghai

(Shook's Website)

 Fine dining at its best!


 90 minute slow-cooked egg...


When Cokie goes out on the town, he dresses the part for sure!


Try Snow White Prawns from Shook!


 Lookin' good Cokie


 Chef Kevin Cape of Shook!


That's a big hamburger.  But Cokie killed it all.  Wagyu beef & goose liver baby!


Shook Sashimi. Yum, it tastes just likes butter...


Japanese Wagyu beef was so perfect for my night.


 Chocolate Fondu baby!


 Oh my god!


View from Shook.


Sea Bass


Nepali Kitchen

 Great grub Nepali style!


 Nepali Kitchen Head Chef


 Our buddy Jason, our main dinner date here in Shanghai!




 I wish I could remember the names of these dishes...



Kristi and Jason at Nepali Kitchen!




Old Shanghai Lane Cuisine

 Our friend from Fodor's Travel, Aline (Shanghainese) took us out to some top-notch Shanghai cuisine on East Nanjing Lu.


 Shanghai Duck!


 Shanghai style spicy tofu...




 Shanghai Shrimp





Thumb Plaza Korean BBQ

This place is my favorite place.  I have to go back so many times.



Supper good.


 Kim chi dude!


Face Bar and De Marco Pudong

Just something to do on a Friday night.... Cokie's decked out again...




Dang we look good!


 Businessman Cokie


Pool sharks in action...



It's a sugar syrup?  I don't think he understood me...




 Da Marco's pasta


Haiku Japanese Restaurant

California Style Sushi Rolls!


Chris and Katrina love this place too.


Hey Cokie "It's not the time to clean your chopsticks yet!  This was Cokie's 10th birthday party with his buddies Luke and Quinn.


This is our favorite!


Blue Frog


Salmon Sliders!



Gatten Sushi Pudong

Our favorite Sushi in Shanghai.  Cheap and a lot.


 Cokie scarfs the Ikura!


Venexia at Puxi

 Some pretty hi-so Italian grub!


 Seafood Pasta baby!




 Jason and Cokie


Major raviolis...


 Killer lasagna...


 Seafood sketti...


Japanese Yaki Niku

 "Stamina" is the name of this joint!


 Patrick, Chiho and Jojo are our Japanese-grub buddies!


 Yaki Niku


Smoky and good...




 "Yes, we would like some more kudasai..."


 Three lovely ladies...


Eating at the Village

Our first month in Shanghi.  We found our great noodle place.


She said my eyes are so BIG!


 Best dang noodles in Shanghai!


Fabric Market

Street food



 Chinese crepes?


Yu Yuan Garden

 World famous dumplings!



More Village Noodles

 Homemade noodles in Jinqiao!




Blue Marlin

 Nice outdoor venue near home...


Good place for kids - great playground!


We love beetles!  Our dinner partners...


Let's try some German beer!


Qing Restaurant 

 Absdlutely the best Chinese food we've had since coming to China!






 Hey!  Not too greasy!!


Our friend and neighbor, Kristi Cooper enjoying din din at Qing. 


Des Lis French Cuisine at French Concession

 Once again, Cokie's decked out...




 Wait!  Gotta take a picture first, Jason!




Seafood French style!






Peace Hotel

 Guests of Camel, Rat and Taya for a glamorous meal at the Peace Hotel Shanghai!


 The cigar room...




Camel and his filet...


The gang!


Crack Pasta!

Our new favority pasta joint, "Crack Pasta!"


Made to order right in front of you!


I asked if he was Italian....


Som's Spaghetti and Meatballs...


Cokie inhaling the Salmon pasta...


Now Jason's turn...


Full bellies for all...


Neighborhood Dumplings in the French Concession!

Dumplings are always good for a late-night snack...


More to Come!!!